The New Earth Institute

The New Earth Institute is a Museum looking to protect the Earth in sustainable ways that could save the climate change. This identity design project includes designing the entire brand system.

The Institute is comprised of some important departments like the Inhub, Foodlab, The Exhibit, Post Colonial Studies, Seed Vault and Shop. The identity has been designed keeping these departments as a part of the main monogram. A clear usage of the colours used defines how it plays a role in the entire system. 

Identity Design + Brand System Design


RGB lights forming the white light represents the infinity, the future.
TNEI symbolises a better future for our planet, so it was a fitting concept to design around.

The Logo consists of a strong monogram which is made from the letters T, N and E and will be used across most mediums. The colours chosen were a creative rendition of the basic RGB to form the white light which is the logo.

“All light rays contain color. Light is made of electromagnetic waves. These waves spread out from any light source, such as the sun.“ 

The main variation of the logo was kept dynamic to symbolise the ever changing nature of light. For single coloured used, the logo was stripped down to just the main TNE shape with the word mark. In several formal usage such as logistics use or legal use, the wordmark and the monogram were used separately for flexible usage.

A solid colour version for easier usage can be determined as below. Still keeping projeting the future as base concept, colour lights have been changed to blocks that can be used to represent the departments of the institute.

The New Earth Institute believes in working for a sustainable future. Based on their ideologies, their basic proposition was coined as “Project the Future”

The concept of projecting the future was designed to be the main story behind the logo and also their launch campaign. And hence the brand system was envisioned with help of colourful projections.

This Brand Design project was made in collaboration with Elisa, Jairo and Abhishek as the final semester assignment for Identity Design module.